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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy , the spinoff starring Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross, will position the treasure hunter and the mercenary at each other's throats, relating to a new report trailer that Sony proved during its E3 2017 press briefing today. The studio room is building on the wide-open Madagascar chapter of Uncharted 4 - see our pre-release preview for a deeper look at that languidly paced series - with the biggest area ever for an Uncharted game” in a single particular level, said Margenau.
That new series may be the Last folks - in addition to The Lost Legacy, Naughty Dog announced The Last of Us Part 2 at PSX 2016 The follow-up to the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic trip from 2013 focuses on Ellie, the co-star of the initial game.
Comme Chloe, Nadine est un personnage intéressant dont la dynamics complexe a été tout juste explorée dans Uncharted 4. Elle est une tacticienne avertie, à la fois cool et calculatrice et contraste parfaitement les improvisations et les retours faciles de Chloe.
Uncharted 3 acquired too many areas where i got pushing forward to walk while hearing exposition, carrying out a narrow predetermined path where I had little to do apart from press keys at the right time, or hoping to work through where I have to stand to induce another scripted event.
Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells advised Game Informer in a recently available interview that it would be unlikely” for the business to make another Uncharted game And after all, Naughty Dog sent Nate off to have out a peaceful seaside living with his family at the end of Uncharted 4.
A l'instar de inFAMOUS : First Light, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy est un épisode en « standalone » qui fonctionne donc seul sans Uncharted 4. D'une durée de 10 heures selon Naughty Dog, cette nouvelle aventure mettra en scène Chloé Frazer (dont on avait plus de nouvelles) et Nadine Ross (aperçue dans U4).
Un premier trailer qui a ravi quelques millions de joueurs de par le monde, même si, comme l'a précisé Sony, ce Previous of Us : Part II en est encore au tout début de son développement et il est ainsi fort probable que le titre ne soit pas disponible avant l'année 2018, avec on l'imagine, une compatibilité poussée avec la PS4 Pro put offrir un affichage Ultra HD et/ou une compatibilité HDR, comme c'est le cas avec le premier opus en version Remastered.
Morales has had some supporting functions in game titles like Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, Spider-Man: Unlimited, Marvel Future Battle and some others, but the trailer suggestions that Morales could be a more prominent personality in Spider-Man.
Venture into the verdant forests of the Pacific Northwest, enjoy the animals, the tranquil landscapes and of course the swarms of desiccated zombies, starving for individuals flesh The latest Days Removed trailer gives us a glimpse at what the gameplay and account of the future open-world-zombo-game, and a good mixture of pressure, stealth, and motorcycles.

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